Are you looking for the best violin and guitar tutor for your child? Learning to play an instrument is a rewarding experience that can boost confidence, improve cognitive function, and provide a creative outlet for self-expression. Our expert music instructors will provide personalised coaching to help your child master the techniques and skills needed to become a skilled guitar or violin player. Our guitar and violin curriculum is designed to help students of all ages and skill levels excel in their music studies. Be it New York in the United States or any other part of the world, your child is just a click away from learning proficient and advanced skills. Following is our detailed curriculum to help you better understand the programme.

Curriculum of Music Vocal

About Music
Introduction of the instrument
Handling of the instrument.
Handling of the bow.
Moving of the bow (Bowing
Slur notes
Cut notes
Introduction of beats.
Introduction of the notes
Playing of notes on D string A string E string G string
Dynamics of notes
Practice of Alankaar (1. Even ) (2. Odd)
Introduction of the notes in Lower Octave (Mandrasaptak) and High Octave (Taarsaptak)
Practice sessions with beats.
Practice session solo
Practice session duet