The program fee is payable in advance for the program duration. We accept all payments through World ’O Tutors PayPal. This is a very simple, safe & secure process.

  1. The Tuition fee policy is as follows:
    • Tuition fee is due on or before the due date.
    • Paid tuition is partially refundable should a student discontinue enrolment.
    • 25% refund of unavailed classes at any point in time throughout.
  2. In case of continued unavailability of a teacher for any reason, World ‘O Tutors will assign the student a substitute teacher.
  3. A class is defined as NO SHOW if the student has not joined the class within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, the class may be cancelled without any compensatory class and will be treated as a missed class, fully chargeable.
  4. For quality purposes, World ‘O Tutors will maintain a digital record of the class which will be property of World ‘O Tutors.
  5. Depending on the tuition fee and the tenure, the subject is entitled to get a maximum number of classes within the stipulated period of time. Tenure of the subscription expires.
  6. For NO SHOW due to technical issues, World ‘O Tutors will arrange for compensatory classes if the student/guardian has reached out to the teacher help desk within 3 hours after the start of such classes.
  7. Upon request, due to continued unavailability of the teacher or lack of adequate quality of class, the student may be transferred to another teacher. Such transfers will be with prior information and acknowledgement by the parent and will be initiated and processed by World ‘O Tutors at its sole discretion.
  8. Any refund of fees paid will be net of services charges (transaction fees by banks or payment gateways), and of any taxes which would have been deposited by World ‘O Tutors.


In the World ‘O Tutors system, holidays are not defined to be exercised by the student. However, in the complete tenure/subscription, the student will have certain pause units which can be availed.

  1. World ‘O Tutors doesn’t observe any holidays in the academic calendar.
  2. In case of a scheduled Holiday, the parent will need to follow the policy applicable on rescheduling of any class.
  3. Students will get 4 weeks of pause in a year (pro rata on tenure) for bookings greater than 6 months tenure. Parents must write to the World ‘O Tutors team to avail the applicable pause at least 1 week before the commencement of the pause.
  4. With every pause, the tenure of every student is extended by the same duration.
  5. Maximum no. of pause units which can be used at one time is THREE.


  1. A student transfer can happen under various circumstances such as unavailability of preferred time slots, required change of teacher, discontinuation of classes from a teacher, teacher pause etc.
  2. World ‘O Tutors on it’s discretion can transfer the student, with prior consultation from the student’s guardian.