How to protect yourself in the global market?

Well, we already know that most of our students and teachers are honest and reliable. We try our best to keep the website clean and safe. However, it's not possible for us to keep a tap or verify everyone's credentials or intentions. That's why we appeal our members to remain vigilant against any sort of financial or physical loss while dealing with strangers.

Beware of scammers

Here's a list of recognized scammers. Please ensure you aren't dealing with any of them. Also, from time to time, we update this list.

Make your payment process secure

- Pay and receive payments through World O'Tutor. When you make payment through us, we ensure to keep it protected.
- If you choose to pay outside our portal, do it via PayPal: they offer fraud protection.
- If the payment terms are settled outside of our domain, start work only after getting at least a partial advance payment.