The teacher payout policy is as follows:

  • Tenure expires when either the no. of classes for the tenure are completed or tenure is itself over, whichever is earlier. For the purpose of clarification, the class end date can be adjusted on the basis of teacher pause and student pause.
  • If the renewal is done for the expiry date, the new class end date shall be calculated from the end date of the class from the previous tenure.
  • However, if the renewal is done after the no. of classes has expired, the new class, end date shall be calculated from the date of payment or the class start date whichever is later.
  • The monthly payout for all teachers will be processed by the 10th – 15th of each calendar month provided it’s a working day.
  • Teacher payout will be according to the number of classes per student per month. This includes only the regular classes. Extra classes are at the discretion of the teacher.
  • NO SHOWs by a teacher are not entitled to a payout. In such cases, the teacher will have to provide a compensatory class in accordance with the convenience of the student. If the no. of NO Show cases exceed 5% a penalty will levied.
  • For any student NO SHOW during the class, the teacher isn’t entitled for the payout of the class as the service wasn’t rendered.
  • Upon request or due to continued unavailability of teacher or lack of adequate quality of class, the student may be transferred to another teacher. Such a transfer will be prior consultation with the parent. Such transfers will be initiated and processed by World ‘O Tutors or its sole discretion.
  • Taxes will be applicable on the payout as per government regulations.
  • Teacher payout may be on hold due to compliance breaches. For e.g. Lack of appropriate/ professional behaviour in class with parents/students. Upon successful remediation of the breach within the allocated time frame, in accordance with prevailing World ‘O Tutors standards, any payouts on hold shall be credited.
  • In case of compensation classes, the payout per class will be as their original enrolment category of 1:1.


  1. The payment to teachers is inclusive of all taxes like GST etc.
  2. World ‘O Tutors shall deduct withholding taxes (TDS etc.), as applicable under prevailing law as per Income Tax Act, 1961.
  3. Different policies (such as holiday policy, pause policy etc.) Shall be communicated separately by World ‘O Tutors.
  4. Consideration and Payment Terms are subject to change/modifications/revision, which shall be communicated by World ‘O Tutors accordingly.


In the World ‘O Tutors system, holidays are not defined to be exercised by the student. However, in the complete tenure/subscription, the student will have certain pause units which can be availed.

  1. World ‘O Tutors doesn’t observe any holidays in the academic calendar.
  2. If a class is missed on a holiday, it can be compensated by the teacher at a convenient time in accordance with the student.
  3. Compensatory classes are to be completed in the given tenure of the student.
  4. Teachers will get 2 weeks of pause (2 units) in a year which they can exercise with prior in formation to the World ‘O Tutors team and parents.
  5. With every pause, the tenure of every student is extended by the same direction.
  6. Maximum no. of pause units which can be used at one time is one weeks.


  1. Upon request, due to continued unavailability of a teacher or lack of adequate quality of class, the student may be transferred to another teacher.
  2. Such transfers will be with prior consultation with the parent and will be initiated and processed by World ‘O Tutors at its sole discretion.
  3. In case of a student transfer, the number of classes of the student remains as it is depending on the tenure of the subscription.
  4. Student fee/class for the transferred student will be per the class structure 1:1 or 1: many.


  1. Student demo assignment will be as per the sole discretion of World ‘O Tutors.
  2. Demo can be assigned to any teacher depending on the availability of their slot, historical demo conversion, compliance, retention, and applicable parameters from time to time.
  3. World ‘O Tutors will be responsible for all the follow ups after the demo is done. A teacher under no circumstances should contact the parent for a follow up, until and unless-agreed by the World ‘O Tutors team.
  4. In case of successful demo conversion every attempt will be made to assign the student to the teacher who conducted the demo. If however, for reasons such as unavailability of preferred slots, disciplinary issues or lack if satisfactory class performance. World ‘O Tutors may reassign the students to another teacher at its sole discretion.
  5. The last demo taken before enrolment, will be considered as the successful demo.


  1. The teacher will be responsible for organizing a PTM (Parent Teacher Meet) on a regular basis specified by World ‘O Tutors (Twice in a month).
  2. Performance will be evaluated and teachers will be given feedback. World ‘O Tutors reserves the right to transfer students to other teachers in case of poor quality metrics, disciplinary issues and any such factor which may impede in the attainment of successful learning outcomes of the student.
  3. Any commercial arrangement between the teacher and the parent outside of the parameters of the World ‘O Tutors agreement shall be viewed as a breach of the agreement inviting legal action and termination.
  4. Teachers are not supposed to interchange any personal information like contacts.


  1. Every teacher will be certified to teach in the international market on completion.
  2. To continuously improve the quality, World ‘O Tutors shall require teachers to achieve proficiency badges or certifications for continued teaching privileges.